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SRF Audioguide "Mit dem Tinnitus leben lernen" with Prof. Dr. med. Tobias Kleinjung

«The sound of the ear is rarely there where you sense it», sais Tobias Kleinjung, leading doctor of the tinnitus-consultation hour at the University Hospital Zurich. «The tinnitus arises mostly in the brain, not the ear.»

Here you can find the audioguide in german!

SRF studio talk with tinnits expert Dr. med. Nicole Peter

The specialist for ear-nose-neck and face surgery works as a senior physician at the University Hospital Zurich. Nicole Peter researches on new methods in the diagnosis of tinnitus.


Tinnitus article in the magazine "der informierte Arzt"

der informierte @rzt

Prof. Dr. Kleinjung, Dr. med. Nicole Peter & Dr. med. Konrad Thoele explain the development mechanisms and current treatment options for tinnitus in the latest issue of the journal "der informierte @rzt" published by medinfo Ärzteverlages

You can find the complete article here. (PDF, 677 KB) [in German]

A contribution from the program PULS (SRF 1, 10.09.2018) [in German]



Neurofeedback for the treatment of tinnitus

An interview with Martin Meyer at the TRI/TINNET Tinnitus Conference 2018 in Regensburg: [in German]