How does tinnitus (in old age) affect attention?

A study on tinnitus and attention

Tinnitus is a phenomenon which develops in the brain and not in the ears; its manifestation can differ widely among those affected. There seems to be a close connection between attention and the degree of suffering caused by tinnitus. At this time there is no clear and effective treatment for tinnitus, but recent studies have shown that neurofeedback training can have a symptom-reducing effect. In this treatment, certain brain waves are trained and practiced to reduce the associated tinnitus symptoms. The EEG examination and the associated neurofeedback training are not harmful for the participant. Currently, neurofeedback as a treatment for tinnitus is still in its infancy. For this reason, the Department of Neuropsychology of the Psychological Institute of the University of Zurich, in cooperation with the ENT Clinic of the University Hospital Zurich, are investigating both brain waves and attention in people suffering from tinnitus. The insights gained from these investigations could be used to create new training protocols to enable the more effective application of neurofeedback training for tinnitus in the future.